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The Company


Combining bold design and classic lines packaged in sporting proportions, Montres Kler wants the tool watch to be more than an austere instrument for measuring the passage of time. Making every milestone a celebration of colour, patterns and texture.


Our debut watch, Bellwether,  is crafted from Grade 2 titanium for maximum wearability and aims to invigorate the segment by bringing features seen on cult classics: stepped indices on the sandwich dial, off centre sunburst pattern and the hybrid Saturation/ Cushion case.


Powered by the workhorse Sellita SW200, it comes with our unique custom oscillating weight inspired by the heavyweights of the industry. To keep maximum functionality, we opted for the date variant and have colour matched date function to minimise intrusion on the dial while keeping maximum usability .


The Founder: Balraj Kler

Rewind to 2016 & I decided with the birth of our child and the triple threat of electrification, automation and Brexit I wanted something where I wasn't so easily replaceable as was the case in my car manufacturing job.   I decided to make a shift to jewelry, specifically diamonds, scraped through the exams and coursework to get my Diamond Diploma under Gem-A.

When I graduated my employer was offering voluntary redundancies, perfect since I was looking for a job selling diamonds/jewelry in our Jewelry Quarter here in Birmingham. Applying for the package at work I realized if I'm selling high ticket items I better upgrade my G-Shock to a Rolex: Going to the boutique was an eye opener, finding out first hand about the 'Rolex Bubble' and how deeply unsatisfying purchase process for stainless steel pieces ACTUALLY was.


Spoiler Alert: Didn't get the call from the boutique, the jobs never came through and my application for redundancy was denied: Researching a little more about the constraints in the market it almost mirrored the Precious Gem market. It wasn't long after I discovered Micro Brands, since I had wanted to start my own business anyway I thought why not give it a shot. Visited Hong Kong in 2019 looking for suppliers and got a few contacts from Switzerland. Deciding to produce under the Swiss Made banner was due to unrestricted movement supply without resorting to grey market or being at the mercy of brokers.

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